Yurtiçi gönderilerde sepet tutarı 3.000 TL ve üzeri olan tüm siparişleriniz için kargo ücreti firmamıza aittir.

The secret side of Turkey’s Aegean coast

Inside Ayvalık and Cunda, the quieter side of Turkey's Aegean coast

CNN — Turkey’s Aegean coast is summer personified. Inhabited by a mostly Greek community under the Ottoman Empire before the creation of the Turkish republic in 1923, the historic towns and villages are gaining new life, attracting a new surge of visitors and defining a modern Aegean culture. Dishes are prepared with the region’s sun-drenched herbs and produce, olive oil from its many groves and seafood straight from the Aegean. Wines from local vineyards are uncorked and cocktails are reimagined with local ingredients.