Yurtiçi gönderilerde sepet tutarı 3.000 TL ve üzeri olan tüm siparişleriniz için kargo ücreti firmamıza aittir.

About Us

Kürşat is a family business that produces olive farming, table olives and olive oil.

The origins of our family are based on Crete, the cradle of olive cultivation. Our grandfathers, who made olives in the village of Ayorya in Crete, exported their world-famous olive oil to many European countries. When he migrated from Crete to Ayvalık in 1923, he brought his knowledge and experience here and soon became one of the important and high quality olive oil producers of Ayvalık.

 We also follow the traces of our grandparents and continue the olive profession. Since 1996, we have been producing the oils and olives we produce under our own brand. Our goal is to deliver our products to its users as directly as possible. We opened the first store kürşat Ayvalık` t in 1998 and we have led Turkey to start selling olive and olive oil in specialty stores. This store was followed by two new stores opened in 2004 in Istanbul and Izmir. 

In our gardens within the geographical boundaries of Ayvalık, we make Ayvalık cultivation monoculture farming with methods that respect the ecosystem. All of our production comes from trees with rejuvenated pruning in our olive groves.


We do all the necessary actions to reach the best product correctly and on time, and we prefer applications that respect the nature by considering the interactions in nature. When the harvest time comes, we start the harvest when the fruit is most suitable for early harvest and collect our olives one by one.


As Kürşat, we combine conscious, good agricultural practices with meticulous business techniques to ensure continuity in product quality.


We sweeten our olives with sea salt and naturally, this process takes 6.7 months.