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Ayvalik Olive Variety

Olive cultivation is the most common agricultural activity in Ayvalık.


Ayvalık land contains about 2.500.000 olive trees and all trees that show natural spread in this region are Ayvalık variety olive trees.   This figure accounts for two percent of assets in Turkey olive trees. All of the olive trees that spread naturally in the region have been grafted from the wild olive tree called "mad" centuries ago, so they are also very resistant to environmental conditions.


Ayvalık olives are a type suitable for olive oil production both for oil and table. When grown and processed well in its own region, it produces olive oil with high sensory and chemical quality characteristics.


Obtaining a quality extra virgin olive oil can only be achieved by combining many conditions.


Type of olive, the region where it grows, annual climate conditions, annual   cultural garden care practices, as a positive combination of many activities such as correct and timely combat with diseases and pests, which does not damage the ecosystem, harvest type, harvest period, the correct transportation of the product between the garden and the production site, processing and storing under the necessary favorable conditions. extra virgin olive oil can come out.


The way the characteristics of the olive tree, the region where it grows, the annual climate conditions of this region, the soil structure come together in Ayvalık reveals the unique Ayvalık Olive Oil flavor.