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A Family Business :

Kürşat is a family owned company with two main fields of activity; cultivation of olive trees and production of olive oil and table olives.

The origins of our family lie in the island of Crete, the cradle of the olive farming in the Mediterranean basin. Our grandparents cultivated olive trees and produced olive oil for many years in the Ayorya village of Crete. They exported their premium olive oil to many European countries until 1923, the year they moved from Crete to Ayvalık. They brought their know-how to Ayvalık where they continued their olive cultivation and production and became one of the most prominent olive oil producers of the region.

We proudly continue the olive business that has been established by our grandparents. In 1996, to reach our consumers directly, we started our branded production under our family name, Kürşat. We have opened our first store in Ayvalık in 1998 and set the first example of specialized olive and olive oil stores in Turkey. Two more stores were opened in central locations in İzmir and İstanbul in 2004.

Premium Production :

We cultivate olives of the Ayvalık variety in our ancestral groves that lie within the geographical boundaries of Ayvalık. We follow ecofriendly practices in our monoculture production. The entirety of our olives come from the rejuvenated trees of our own groves.

To be able to produce top quality olives, we apply modern practices in a correct and timely manner and prefer proper techniques taking into consideration the effects of our practices on the ecosystem.
We are holding GAP ( Good Agricultural Practices) certificate for our complete agricultural applications.

Every year, as soon as the olives are ripe enough for early harvesting, we start our harvest season and hand-pick every olive in order not to bruise the fruit or harm the trees.

As Kürşat, we combine our know-how in agricultural applications with the precise operational techniques to reach consistent product quality year after year.

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